What is the Due Date for Income Tax Filing? FY 2019-20, AY 2020-21

The due date for filing income tax returns is the date by which the returns can be filed without any late fee or penalty. The taxpayers filing their return beyond such due date will have to pay interest under 234A and penalty under section 234F. It is important for all the taxpayers to remember the due date of filing income tax returns. The due date varies on the basis of taxpayers. For instance, salaried individuals are usually required to file their income tax returns by 31st of July of the assessment year.

Income tax filing due dates for the FY 2019-20

Category of Taxpayer Due Date for Tax Filing – FY 2019-20
Individual 31st December 2020
Body of Individuals (BOI) 31 December 2020
Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) 31 December 2020
Association of Persons (AOP) 31 December 2020
Businesses (Requiring Audit) 31 January 2021
Businesses (Requiring TP Report) 31 January 2021

Income tax filing due dates for the FY 2018-19

Category of Taxpayer Due Date for Tax Filing – FY 2018-19
Individual 30th September 2019
Body of Individuals (BOI) 30th September 2019
Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) 30th September 2019
Association of Persons (AOP) 30th September 2019
Businesses (Requiring Audit) 31st October 2019
Businesses (Requiring TP Report) 30th November 2019

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