Not only booking tickets, now transfer money, pay online, withdraw from ATMs with IRCTC iMudra

Along with providing online facility to book railway tickets, Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has started many other services like flight tickets, domestic and international tour packages etc. The latest offering of the Corporation is iMudra App, that provides a digital card, which can be used in the same way as a physical card, to make payments, shop online etc.

Launched in collaboration with Federal Bank, the iMudra VISA card may be used to make purchases on Indian websites in Indian currency, transfer money between two users and even for ATM withdrawals.

While digital cards are free, customers may get physical cards also by paying a fee of Rs 236 per card. However, there will be no card activation fees. A customer may have only one digital card and one physical card.

The transaction limits will depend on KYC status of iMudra card useres. While a full KYC would enable you to transfer money, withdraw from ATMs and increase your wallet’s monthly limit to Rs 1 lakh, the monthly limit for a minimum KYC user is Rs 10,000 only.

You may complete full KYC either online by using your Aadhaar Number and the mobile number linked to your Aadhaar or offline by requesting for physical verification, where verification of hard copies of the documents will be done by an agent at your doorstep with a prior appointment.

On completion of full KYC, you may transact up to the full limit of Rs 1 lakh per month for money transfer, online purchase or ATM withdrawal, provided you have sufficient amount in your iMudra wallet and the other iMudrea customer to whom you intend to transfer money also has full KYC.

You can use your iMudra VISA card to make purchases only on Indian websites in Indian currency and it can’t be used for making online purchases on website outside India. While performing a transaction online, you have to select your IRCTC iMudra physical or digital card as a credit card.

You may add money in your IRCTC iMudra wallet using a payment instrument like debit card, UPI or credit card. To add money you have to click on “Add Money” option on your iMudra App and enter/pick the amount and proceed to load your wallet.

By using iMudra, you may book train tickets much faster than the traditional methods with Easy OTP, which is a pre-generated 6-digit one-time password. By clicking on Easy OTP on your iMudra app, you may generate the OTP and keep it ready for the IRCTC ticket booking. While booking train tickets, you need to choose iMudra option under iPay for making payment and enter the OTP generated in the app.

You may withdraw money from any ATM using a physical iMudra card, but only first two transactions in a month on Federal Bank ATMs will be free and subsequent transaction will be charged at a flat rate of Rs 23.60, while any transaction on a non-Federal Bank would also be charged at a flat rate of Rs 23.60.

To make the transactions secured as other debit and credit cards, a 3-digit numeric Card Verification Value (CVV) code is printed on the back side of your iMudra card, which is to be used to verify the identity of the user as an additional method to prevent any fraudulent transaction.

In case of any fraudulent transaction, you may block your card by calling the Customer Care at 755 661 0661. You may also suspend/unsuspend or block the card through the iMudra app by going to Cards Section from the bottom menu and selecting the Suspend/Block Card section in the app.

On initiating the process, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number for suspending/unsuspending and blocking the card. Once the card is blocked, it can no longer be used and you may need to get a new card.