Here’s What Will Happen to All the Unsold BS-IV Vehicles After April 1 in India

We are a couple of weeks away from the implementation of the new BS-VI norms in India. After skipping BS-V emission norms, the Government will be implementing the new norms within three years after it introduced the BS-IV norms in 2017. Such a huge shift has indeed put a lot of pressure on the manufacturers to shell out huge amounts of money in order to make their product portfolio compliant to the new norms. So if you are wondering what will happen to the remaining BS-IV vehicles in the manufacturers’ inventories, here is your answer.

According to the Supreme Court ruling, no BS-IV compliant vehicles shall be sold or registered after April 1 this year. Auto companies which still have BS-IV vehicles in their inventory have no other option than to sell it before the new emission kicks in. Failing to do this force them to scrap their vehicles, amounting to huge losses. And in order to grab a handful before the new norms kick in, companies are now announcing massive discounts on their unsold BS-IV cars.

In the most recent development regarding the new emission norms, the Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers (SIAM) has requested the Supreme Court to allow the sale of BS-IV vehicles till the end of March. According to SIAM, the cut-off dates ranges from February 29 to March 25, from state to state, though BS-VI emission compliance is mandated from April 1, 2020. “These circulars have put the customers, dealers and vehicle manufacturers in severe discomfort, as each of them is racing against time to exhaust the BS-IV stocks which are with the dealers.”.

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Source:- yahoo